Colin Beardon‘s winning play from the 2014 PANZ Competition is about to be broadcast.

red_devil_1917 can be heard on RadioNZ National next Sunday after the news at 3:00. It lasts about 20 minutes.
Synopsis: Kate is fond of her grandad, Brian, who is an old-style socialist stuck in the past. She wants to get him to use new technologies to look up some old friends. He won’t use them so she recruits her friend, Marco, to help. They decide that Marco will pretend to be a radical in order to gain Brian’s confidence, but when the two men finally meet Brian sees an opportunity to plan one last act of militancy.
Tune in if you want to hear it. If you miss the live broadcast, it should appear in a few days as a Podcast on

Leo Cappel will be author-in-residence during the month of April at the NZ Pacific Studio at Mt Bruce (near Masterton), where he plans to write another play.

 Rex McGregor‘s short comedy Grow Up, Juliet continues to receive international productions. In January 2015 it was produced at The Very Best Playground, Etcera Theatre, London and at Showoff! International Playwriting Festival, Camino Real Playhouse, San Juan Capistrano, California.
Sabrina Paris as Juliet
Sabrina Paris as Juliet, San Juan Capistrano, California

Angie Farrow’s new publication Falling and Other Short Playspublished by Steele Roberts, is now in circulation. It features fourteen short plays.

These plays have worked successfully in New Zealand and overseas with small theatre companies, tertiary and secondary students. Short plays are a passion for Angie Farrow: “I enjoy the fun of trying to say a lot with very little, pressing something huge into a small container. A short play is like a highly charged battery: full of locked-in energy that can fuel an intensity of drama.”


Leo Rising won ‘Best Drama Script’ at the Auckland Short and Sweet and was perfomed at Sydney Short and Sweet from 24 to 26 January.

A jilted bride faces up to her absent groom and embarks on a journey of discovery…


Donna Randall (Sharlene, jilted bride)

June AllenStingray has been busy again producing another illustrated children’s book.

Two friendly stingrays join up to make a sandwich!

Colin Beardon is directing his serious comedy Sleep Out on Waiheke Island. Performances are at the Rocky Bay Hall on February 6, 7,  8, 12, 13 and 14, 2015.


Carol        Hayley Hailstone

Mark        Mark James

Ade          Shannon Esquilat

Lin           Katy Chiang

Bernie      Sally Lumsden

Synopsis:   A successful Auckland business couple buy a bach in Rocky Bay “to get away from the stresses of city life” but they seem to bring all their stresses with them during the weekend.  Meanwhile, unknown to them, a homeless ex-soldier with a few problems of his own sleeps in the bach during the week.  The Chinese student who looks after the section sees everything that is going on. Eventually, a major confrontation coincides with a visit from a social worker and everyone starts to take a fresh look at their lives.

Mark James (Mark), Hayley Hailstone (Carol),  Shannon Esquilat (Ade). Front: Katy Chiang (Lin)

Mark James (Mark), Hayley Hailstone (Carol),
Shannon Esquilat (Ade). Front: Katy Chiang (Lin)

Sleep Out 2

Fun Expected

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

Three Award-Winning Comedies from the Playwrights Association of New Zealand’s 2014 One-Act Play Competition


by Colin Beardon

Kate’s grandad is an old-style socialist who refuses to change. She wants him to get out more and tries to show him the Internet so he can look up some old friends. When that doesn’t work she recruits her friend Marco to try. They decide some deception will be required to gain the grandfather’s confidence, but when the two men get together they end up co-operating in a way Kate didn’t quite anticipate.


by Bronwyn Elsmore

Stock characters, stock settings, familiar situations, predictable dialogue. If you haven’t seen and heard it all before, you need to go to the theatre more often. Cliché is a play to be enjoyed by actors who revel in the chance to send-up the genre; and to be groaned at by audiences who have provided bums-on-seats at local theatres for too long.

Margaret Thatcher Hits New Zealand

by Rex McGregor

The 13th Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh four years ago were a disaster. 32 countries stayed away. Now in 1990 the 14th Games in Auckland look set to be a success. Nearly every eligible country is taking part. But that’s not enough for Margaret Thatcher. She wants more.

Fun Expected is available from Playmarket