KnittingBrian Turner’s one act play Knitting was presented in the Hamilton Fringe in March. Directed by Lorna Ashton of Hamilton Playbox Theatre. Billed as ‘a grotesque one act play with a variety of interpretations. It has been described as ‘absurdist Grand Guignol’. The play will be going forward to TheatreFest.

The following is a comment from a viewer:

“Well. I’m not really sure what to say. After just coming from the Meteor after seeing ‘Knitting’ (A one act grotesque play about abuse of the simple & elderly) I’m absolutely floored by the emotion such a short piece evoked. While in the theatre I felt myself wanting to cry but because of the constant onslaught I was unable to. It wasn’t until I’d left the theatre and got in my car that I broke into tears.

“An issue so close to my heart, this piece had a huge impact. The performances by the three women were executed with a precise detail and absolute conviction. You guys are to be commended on such a brilliant, thought – provoking and very real show. I take my hat off to all those involved.”

Stage Journeys

The winning plays from the 2015 Playwrights Association of New Zealand 10-Minute Play Competition are now available in a published book.

Stage Journeys – 10 short plays from New Zealand.

Stage Journeys cover

Now available from Amazon. Also available as a Kindle ebook.

A Sentimental Journey by Paula Crimmens
A love affair ends against the backdrop of the Second World War.

The Reunion
by Tim Hambleton
Two men in their mid-30s meet at a school reunion. Each tries to outdo the other as they talk about how successful they have been.

Border Control by Richard Prevett
An innocent tourist falls victim to an over-zealous airport official.

Forget Me Not
by Kerrie Anne Spicer
An elderly couple discover the true meaning of ‘for better or for worse.’

Surfing in Munich by Rex McGregor
As Paddy says when he meets Sarah at an airport baggage claim carousel, ‘Tings can happen in the most unlikeliest o’ places’.

Hiding Behind the Teacup
by Richard Bull
Betty loves her tea. She loves her husband too. Her life seems to revolve around tea. But all is not as it seems…

The Dentist’s Bill by June Allen
It’s a very expensive business going to the dentist.

Baggage by Kerrie Anne Spicer
Flying is stressful enough, but for these two strangers, even getting on the plane is a major problem – a rather weighty one!

Interview by Richard C Harris
When Jake goes for a job interview, he receives some enlightening advice from another candidate.

Token of Friendship by Nataliya Oryshchuk
Carol attempts to befriend an Eastern European immigrant, Miroslava, as part of the New Staff Wellbeing Unit initiative. There is a chocolate fish at stake…

Threatened Panda in Miami

This weekend Rex McGregor had short comedy productions on both sides of the Atlantic.

miami cropped
Front: John Eubanks (Ling), Melissa Billings (Mrs D). Back: J.J. Greenstein (Mr D), Pam St. John (Yan). Threatened Panda Fights Back, Miami, Florida

10-Minute Play Competition 2016


10-Minute Play Competition 2016

Adjudicator: Angie Farrow

Proudly sponsored by


Enquiries and submissions to:


  1. The competition is for scripts suitable for performing on stage with a playing time between 7 and 10 minutes.
  2. The entrant must be a member of PANZ. Membership is open to any person who is a long-term resident of New Zealand or is resident for the whole of 2016. The annual membership fee is $25. To join, see: There is no additional entry fee.
  3. A member may submit up to two plays. Each play can be individually authored, co-authored, or authored as a member of a collective.
  4. The script must not be an adaptation of anyone else’s previously published or performed work. We advise that you check copyright if quoting previously published work.
  5. The name of the author(s) and/or their contact details must not appear anywhere on the script.
  6. There is no prescribed script layout.
  7. Writers are recommended to use no more than four actors.
  8. The play must not have been performed before a paying audience before 1 May 2016.
  9. Entries must be submitted by email to attaching a completed Entry Form and the script as a Word file.
  10. Entries open 01 March 2016 and close 30 April 2016.
  11. The Adjudicator will select a First, a Second and a Third place winner and five other Finalists who will all be announced in July 2016. No member can occupy more than one Finalist place.
  12. The First, Second and Third place winners will receive a cash prize of $100, $50 and $25 respectively and will be invited to a workshop later in 2016 organised by Playmarket where a professional script advisor, director and professional actors will help develop their winning play. This will be held in Wellington or Auckland and transport costs for the writer will be paid.
  13. The winning four plays will be given a public performance late in 2016 by the Waihi Drama Society. Up to eight of the plays will be performed by Oamaru Repertory Society. PANZ will also promote the plays of all eight Finalists as a single show and is hopeful of finding an organisation willing to give them all a public production.  See our website ( for the latest information.
  14. In the event of a production, if the play runs for more than ten minutes then the writer will be obliged to shorten it. The director will not make alterations, additions or deletions to the Script except with the consent of the writer. For the purposes of copyright ownership, any agreed alterations, additions or deletions of any kind will be deemed to be the writer’s own work. Casting, set, sound, lighting effects and stage directions are at the discretion of the director.
  15. Once selected for performance writers may not withdraw their play from production without the permission of PANZ.
  16. All rights of each play will remain with the author.