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Leo Cappel has just returned from a month as resident writer at the NZ Pacific Studio, Mt Bruce, near Masterton. The Studio is an old homestead, built in 1911 and now restored as a residence for artists, including writers. Leo was delighted to accept the invitation. He found the homestead and the international visitors amazingly stimulating, so he wrote two short plays in quick succession, and most of the script for his fourth musical: THE BUSKERS. It is planned as a full-length play for four main actors – with music as part of the action. Two of the actors hope to get a one year fellowship at the London School of Music through a competition. These two need to be able to sing and play: Irish harp and keyboard. A third actor will be a flute player. They are busking in front of a Turkish restaurant, so actor number four, wait for it!, is a belly dancer. Two more actors are needed in minor roles. Leo is now finishing the scores of about two dozen songs plus incidental music. The musical will shortly be ready for workshopping. (Any takers?)

After his stay at the Studio and travelling well over 2,000 km, including storm on the Dessert Road, Leo finally needs to get back to earth.

Leo Cappel, Whangarei

Rex McGregor has had several overseas productions of his 10-minute comedies.

Feline High-Rise Syndrome  Take Ten Festival 2015Between Us Productions, Roy Arias Studios, Stage II, New York, NY, April 8-10, 2015, directed by Emily Naylor

Dueling Judges  Playground: Mind GamesGhost Dog Productions, The Horse & Stables, London, March 23-24, 2015, directed by Bisera Winters

A Supportive Wife Supports Her Wife  Spring One Acts, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, New York, NY, March 18-21, 2015, directed by Ross Hewitt

A Bride for the Pope  Walking the Wire: Classified, Riverside Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa, March 6-15, 2015, directed by Jody Hovland

Feline High-Rise Syndrome  Claremorris Fringe Festival, Half a Breakfast Theatre Group, Claremorris, Ireland, March 6, 2015, directed by Richie Heneghan

Feline 1

Christopher Herr (Boot), Clare Rea (Taz), Stephen Humes (Doug), Hannah Richter (Sandra) in Feline High-Rise Syndrome, New York.

Celine Gibson‘s play Stitched Up will be staged in the Performing Arts Centre, Heaton Street, Christchurch from 1-10 October, 2015. The play is being staged by Cas’n’Nova Productions and will be directed by Craig Hutchison. Stitched Up was awarded a finalist placing in the 2013 Moondance Film Festival.


Sally Sutton dons her hi-vis vest and hard hat to read some of her much loved books including Construction, Roadworks and Catch That Plane at the Auckland Writers Festival, Herald Theatre, May 17, 2015.

Brian Turner‘s one act absurdist play This Unreality Does Not Exist was produced by Leonardtown High School Rose Players in Leonardtown, Maryland, USA in January.

His one act play about schizophrenia Bad Night at the Mex is in rehearsal at Washington Park High School, Racine, Wisconsin, USA and by Pembroke Academy Players, a high school group in Pembroke, New Hampshire, USA.

Robert Gilbert’s play, Trans Tasmin, will kick off this year’s Midwinter Readings at The Court Theatre on 7 June.

Trans Tasmin is a play that explores gender roles in contemporary society, and especially attitudes towards transgender women. It tells the story of Tasmin Mahika, who is on a journey to express her identity through art and theatre. She falls in love with university student actor and budding rugby star, Simon Greenwood, but the relationship is fraught with secrets and insecurities.

The Court Theatre’s Midwinter Readings presents new plays as ‘works-in-progress’. Following each performance they invite feedback to assist the further development of the plays.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Trans Tasmin by Robert Gilbert

Sunday 14 June 2015

SHOT BRO – Confessions of a Depressed Bullet by Rob Mokaraka

Sunday 21 June 2015

Emma Bartleby by Jon Pheloung

Tickets on sale from late April.

For more information:

Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert

Rex McGregor‘s monologue None Of Your Blarney has been awarded 1st Place Writer Winner in the TentSquare “Love Letter” Monologue Challenge.

“It seemed to be a cleverly cynical statement about the hard realities of love, only to turn it around at the last two lines. It surprised and completely sold me.”
– Ty Drago (judge)