Previous Competition Winners


PANZ Long Play Competition 2017 – Results

Winner: DTU by Robert Gilbert, Tauranga

  • About the Drug Treatment Unit at Christchurch Prison

Runner-up:  Family Trust by Richard Prevett, Matamata

Commended:  Death of a Dream by Richard De Luca, Auckland and Under by Cassandra Tse, Wellington


PANZ Short Play Competition 2017 – Results

First Place: The Gift Shop by Shona M. Wilson, New Plymouth

A light-hearted view of a woman’s journey through grief and acceptance, following the death of her beloved spouse.

2nd Place: Stuck by Andi Podesta, Tutukaka

Middle-aged Nicky finds herself stuck in a rut. Through a comic set of circumstances she discovers that true friendship is the only way free.

3rd Place: Sidewalk Specials by Sean J.D. McMahon, Wellington

A commentary looking at some of the social and local political aspects of street beggars on the streets of Wellington City.

The other four Finalists are:

Crosswords by Tim Hambleton, Dunedin

A married couple have an argument while they complete a crossword puzzle.

Once More with Feeling by Dolly Varden-Chambers, Matamata

A moving retrospective glimpse of love past and present, through the lives of a theatrical couple as they face their final goodbyes.

About Felicia by Bronwyn Elsmore, Auckland

A vet encounters a client with a different spin on animal health.

Trash Talk by Gregory Dally, Clyde

After his employees dump on him, Rastus O’Munter cleans up.



1st Prize           Between the Aisles by Robert Gilbert (Tauranga

2nd Prize          A Much Bigger Story by June Allen (Bayview, Auckland)

3rd Prize           New Zealander by Timothy Malcolm (Hamilton)


The Imitation Game by Colin Beardon (Waiheke Island, Auckland)

The Life-Cycle of a Refrigerator by Nataliya Oryshchuk (Christchurch)

Moment of Truth by Richard C. Harris (currently in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea)

Lost in the Heart by Gregory Dally (Clyde)

Two of a Kind by B.E. Turner (Otaki)



1st Prize: A Sentimental Journey by Paula Crimmens

2nd Prize: The Reunion by Tim Hambleton


Border Control by Richard Prevett

Forget Me Not by Kerrie Anne Spicer

Surfing in Munich by Rex McGregor

Hiding Behind the Teacup by Richard Bull

The Dentist’s Bill by June Allen

Interview by Richard C Harris


1st Prize: red-devil-1917 by Colin Beardon

2nd Prize: Cliché by Bronwyn Elsmore

3rd Prize: Margaret Thatcher hits New Zealand by Rex McGregor

Highly Commended: Three Weird Mornings at the Library by Rex McGregor

Commended: A Puppy With A Sore Paw by Brian Turner


1st Prize:  POVERTY AND MUSE by Karen Zelas

2nd Prize: A VERY DEADLY DISH by Richard Harris

3rd Prize: THE VIRTUE OF HOUSING by Colin Beardon

Highly Commended: POPPY DAY by Valerie Franklin


1st Prize:  PICASSO STAYED HERE by Richard Harris


3rd Prize: A WORD EDGEWAYS by Narine Groome

Very Highly Commended: INTERFERENCE by Colin Beardon

Highly Commended: THERE’S NO BUSINESS by Denis Edwards

Commended: AMETHYST by June Allen


1st Prize: THE BLUE HORSE by Andi Podesta of Tutukaka

2nd Prize: SMOKE AND MIRRORS by Carol Markwell of Foxton Beach

3rd Prize: QUITE A WOMAN, IDA CAREY, PAINTER by S. Campbell Smith of Hamilton

Highly Commended: THE LAST TRIP by Justin Coley of Palmerston North

Commended: THE PASSIONS OF WAR by Marc Shaw of Hamilton/Auckland

Special Award for ‘Featuring a disability of the human condition’: THE GLASGOW ARMS by June Allen  of Auckland


April Phillips – Bonking James Bond


Donna Banicevich-Gera – “Tarara Child”


Denis Edwards – “Love Among The Murderers Or How Two Good People Came To Abandon The Life Of The Spuds” (Overall Winner)
June Allen – “Sheep Ahoy” (Comedy Category)
Denis Edwards – “Love Among The Murderers Or How Two Good People Came To Abandon The Life Of The Spuds” (NZ History Category)
Stephen Bowkett – “Just Another Day” (Teenage Actors Category)


Frances Edmond – “The Dance of Life”


Campbell Smith – “Blighty” (Members Only Comp)
Murray Rutledge – “Last Stop” (1st Play Comp)
George Odey – “WINZ Job Creation Scheme” (Sketch Comp)

2005  Terry Coyle – “Send no Medals”

2004  Angie Farrow – “Amnesia”

2003  Thomas Sainsbury – “Night”

2002 Steve Saville – “One Size Fits All”

2001 Angie Farrow – “Paradise”
Todd Gwatkin – “Little and Big Friends” (Junior Section Merit Winner)
Robert Byrne – “Dysfunctional” (Senior Section Merit Winner)

2000 Rita Stone – “Paper Crane”

1999 Bronwyn Elsmore – “Rushton Roulette”

1998 Campbell Smith – “Whitebait Running”

1997 – Bronwyn Elsmore – “Celestial Persuits”

1996 – Sandra Grey – “Full House”

1995 – Andre Surridge – “Swiss Cider”

1994 – Dianne Banas – “Ben”

1993 – Wendy de la Bere – “Wise Tiki Tell Me”

1992 – Bronwyn Elsmore -“Drought”

1991 – Campbell Smith -“Luck of the Game”

1990 – Harold Curry -“Pilots”

1989 – Pamela Le Prou -“Phoenix”

1988 – Pamela Le Prou -“Sacks”

1987 – Leslie Pearce -“Harvey’s Snack Bar”

1986 – Peter Thomas -“The Fantasy”

1985 – Peter Jones -“Mare Crisium” & Rex McGregor -“Scabs”

1984 – Susan Branch -“One Woman’s War”

1983 – Campbell Smith -“In Transit”

1982 – Margaret Beames -“Another Day in the Life of Ruth Jones”

1981 – Campbell Smith -“Mabel”

1980 – Mary Henderson -“The Rationalization of Jobie Jones”

1979 – Jean Dinnie -“Thorn in Our Side”
Mary Henderson – “Oh Father Mine Returning”


1977 – Terence Journet -“The Grisly Secret of the Twenty-fifth Floor”



1974 – Craig Harrison – “Tomorrow Will Be A Lovely Day”


1972 – Elizabeth Moir -“Who Are They To Tell Us?”