S.M. Branch

S.M. Branch is a UK-born music teacher who came to NZ in 1968. After eleven years in Marton, now based in Hawkes Bay. After doing acting, props, etc and some directing for Marton Players, is now mainly involved as “Pit Player” for musical theatre.

5/2 Bill Ashcroft St,
Havelock North 4130.


Nor Iron Bars

by S. M. Branch

A one act comedy/drama in ten scenes. 4 males, 3 females

Two prisoners in next-door cells begin to be more honest with each other than they can be with their visitors.


Old Lady and Trains

by S. M. Branch

Three acts. Running time 90 min.  Seven characters with 2 optional extras.

Small NZ town on the main trunk line.  Mrs Binns and Frankie are thrown together by a school community project organized by Bernard and Kathy.  Mrs Binn’s loneliness is self-imposed through neighbour-baiting and putting on a ‘senile’ act for her relatives.  Frankie’s loneliness stems from dislocation from a remote farm to town, and lack of communication with his telly-bound parents.  He and Mrs Binn are drawn together mainly by their common fascination for the sense of limbo they find in passing trains.  As the warmth of their ‘Nana and grandson’ relationship grows, so does their power to misunderstand and hurt one another.

First performed 1982, in Napier.