Richard C Harris

Richard started with amateur drama in Central Africa in the 1970s. His hobby has continued to the present day – treading the boards, directing and writing.

Richard has been nominated for two acting awards, one in UK and one in New Zealand, and has had one full length play published.


Bon Appétit

Thriller. Single set. approx 20 mins. 1m 2f, 1m/f

Vera decides to wind up their partnership when Jeanette attempts to blackmail her after catching her dipping into the profits from their business. But, this would put Jeanette into a financial black hole, so she enlists the help of her husband to resolve the dispute with the ruthless attitude of ‘the end justifies the means’. But all is not as it seems.

The play was performed at the Whangarei Repertory Society’s performance of three one-act plays running for 10 performances.



Dead Loss

A couple of hapless drug dealers and their attempts to avoid the police and drug gangs to bring their product to market.

Won both the Nimmo Prize for BEST PLAY and the Nancy Cato AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at the International Noosa Arts Festival play writing competition in July 2016.


Friend of the Family

Supernatural horror. Single set. Approx 20 mins. 1m 2f

As a favour, the pragmatic Reverend Peter Townsend is asked by an old friend to visit a grieving widow. A psychological assessment of her strange story is needed but, his scepticism ill prepares him for the awful horror that awaits.

Runner up in the 2010 PANZ one-act play competition.


When Jake goes for a job interview, he receives some enlightening advice from another candidate.

First performed at Bites (Playwrights Association of New Zealand Competition Festival)Skin Theatre, The Dark Room, Palmerston North, New Zealand, September 17-19 & 24-26, 2015, directed by Tracey-Lynne Cody

Published in Stage Journeys – 10 short plays from New Zealand, 2016


Midwinter Macabre

Drama – supernatural. Single set, present day. approx 25 mins.  2m 3f

The unexpected arrival of Stella’s brother David, previously believed lost in the Iraq war, provides the catalyst for a family to come to terms with tragic events of the past. A stirring and compassionate drama with a poignant ending.

Written specifically for the Octagon Theatre Whangarei contributing to an evening of the supernatural. It ran for ten performances and was received with commendations.

Moment of Truth

10-minute play

Recovering from a heart attack, manager Jack Carter can’t wait to get back to work. His wife Joyce tries to persuade him to retire but, loyalty to the company he’s served for many years compels him to return.

First performed: Prizewinners, Oamaru Repertory Society, August 2016

Finalist: PANZ 10-Minute Play Competition, 2016


Premeditated Misadventure

Lighthearted thriller

Freya, adopted at birth, discovers that her stepfather may have murdered her birth mother. When she discovers he is now living in Wellington with his sixth wife and, all previous had met untimely deaths by misadventure, she’s determined to investigate.

Winner of the Noosa Arts Theatre’s 2018 One-Act Playwriting Competition


Reaching For The Other Side

Comedy, supernatural. Single set, approx 25 mins.  3m 5f

A rather run down room in a house on the suburbs of Dunedin.  Is it possible to reach ‘the other side?’ Two couples visit a clairvoyant in order to contact recently deceased relatives. Their attempts are influenced by disbelief and an uncertainty at what the final outcome of the evening will be. A light comedy with a twist to the end.

Written specifically for the Octagon Theatre Whangarei’s evening supernatural stories, ‘Midwinter Macabre’. It ran for ten performances.


The Blackness of Blackmail

Thriller. Single set. approx 20 mins. 1m 2f

An up market apartment in Central Auckland.  Julie is distraught when a man she thought of as a confidant blackmails her with information that she revealed to him in a moment of despair. When she calls upon her friend Karen to help her deal with the situation the resulting plan quickly starts to unravel with disastrous results. A sharp thriller with a twist at the end.

Runner up in the 1998 NZ Nikon national one-act play awards. First performed in 2008 by the Whangarei Repertory Company as an evening to celebrate 40 years. It was then chosen for an evening of three one-act plays, running for 10 performances