Rex McGregor

Rex McGregor is a New Zealand writer specialising in comedy theatre and satirical humour. His short plays have been produced on four continents from New York and London to Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. 



Aleema the Boy Girl
10-minute drama  3 F, 2M
Aleema enjoys being a “bacha posh”— an Afghan girl raised as a boy. But with the onset of puberty her freedom won’t last long.
First performed at 8 in 48 Idaho Short Play Festival, Treasure Valley Children’s Theater, Meridian, Idaho, September 26, 2015
Published in Girls on the Brink (YouthPLAYS, 2016) and Brink Time (YouthPLAYS, 2015)
Almost Immortal
10-minute drama  2 F, 1M
In the distant future the sea level has risen so much that hills have become islands. As the environment is destroyed around her, Zen dreads the thought of living on for centuries.
First performed at Queeroism Play Festival, The Vault, Collaboraction, Chicago, IL, July 8-9, 2016
Amazons of Tomorrow  
10-minute drama  2 F, 1M
​The 1939 New York World’s Fair promises to be a huge commercial success. But Eleanor Roosevelt has some grave concerns.
First performed at Park PlaysQueens Theatre, New York, NY, July 28 – August 6, 2017
Flight of the Cows  
10-minute comedy  1 F, 1 M
Two cows lead an idyllic life. They have a field of succulent grass—and humans to relieve them of their milk. What more could they possibly want?
First performed at Short+Sweet South India, Edouard Michelin Auditorium, Alliance Française of Madras, Chennai, India, July 5-9, 2017
Tickle That Dragon  
10-minute drama  2 F, 1M
Potter Purists is an exclusive club for dedicated Harry Potter addicts. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the books, Riley is an ideal candidate for membership. There’s just one problem.
First performed at The Potter Plays, Majestic Repertory Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 22 – July 8, 2017
Trumpettes Anonymous 
10-minute comedy  5 F
Five women have formed a support group for recovering Trump voters. At tonight’s meeting one of them makes a surprise announcement
First performed at Midtown International Play Festival, Short Play Lab, Jewel Box Theater, New York, NY, July 15-16, 2017
Wayward Seniors
10-minute comedy  3 F, 2 M
Alma is playing up again. Her grandson, Doug, expects the rest home to take better care of her. But he’s in for the shock of his life when he learns how far they’re prepared to go.
First performed at The Big reTHiNK, Q Theatre, Auckland, 3 October 2012
Welcome to Belarus
10-minute comedy  1 F, 1 M
Miles is a tour guide leading a coachload of passengers through Eastern Europe. At least, that’s the plan.
First performed at Belarusian Dream Theater, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Vilnius & Pasadena CA, 25 March 2014
Agent: Playmarket