Neil Troost

Penalties, Pints And Pirouettes
In small-town, rural New Zealand the town of Maungakaka. their respective rugby clubs mirror this phenomenon. the once successful Maungakaka Rugby Club has been approached by their arch enemies, Hillcrest, to amalgamate and create one very strong club. Despite initial reluctance from Maungakaka, the players gradually realize that they must put aside their own personal grievances against Hillcrest in order to do the best for the future of rugby in the area. Along this comic and chaotic journey, the guys come to terms with the fact that maybe rugby isn’t the backbone of the community that it once was. they find that community strength and spirit can be found in the least likely place, namely the production of a male ballet in a fundraiser for the local school.
Centrepoint, Palmerston North, 2010

The Imaginary Friend

Roger’s imaginary friend Bob is causing chaos in his relationship with Karen.
Short+Sweet Auckland, 2010