Marc Shaw

Marc Shaw AKA Timothy Malcolm has been an Actor and Director of theatre in Hamilton over 30 years, more latterly in quiet repose rather than energetic presentation. It was because he felt he came to be likened to an artistic sloth that he decided it was time to write his own play, The Passions of War, and stage it with his own Shavian Theatre Company – a more low-key offshoot of the very successful Company ‘Theatrevue’ of the 80’s. In researching and writing the play, however, all humour ended for the subject of The Passions of War was the birth of a New Zealand history that was its own, and which had been announced to the world by the blood of men and women shed in lands far from the safe shores of such a young nation.

Currently Marc Shaw is also a Doctor, Traveller, and observer of fine humour. He has research interests in infectious diseases, expedition medicine, and currently is the Medical Director of the Worldwise Travellers Health Centres of New Zealand. His interests other than an extensive experience in the theatre include photography, sculpture, film and video production, and an undying enjoyment of living in Hamilton.

New Zealander

10-minute play

An Afghan immigrant who worked for New Zealanders in Afghanistan has come to New Zealand with his family. He feels fine in this country but does not know if he will be accepted. On ANZAC Day he finds out.

First performed: Waihi Drama Society at The Theatre, Waihi. 7 October 2016

3rd Prize: PANZ 10-Minute Play Competition, 2016