Leo Cappel

LEO CAPPEL is a graduate of Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam.
Musician/musical director for production at Mercury Theatre and New Independent Theatre, Auckland.

Three full-length books, co-author of two books.

Seven literary awards.

Scripts available from and royalties payable to:

Leo Cappel,
98B Paramount Parade,
Whangarei 0101




Dine and Die

by Leo Cappel

A one-act ‘whodunit’ specifically for productions in restaurants. 45 mins

3f, 4m, & 2 or 3 ‘undercover actors’ in the audience.

Written as a straight play, the audience must not be aware it is a whodunit. The play: an elderly widower lives in the converted garage of a widow. In his loneliness he writes letters to himself. The murder weapon: chips fried in peanut oil. The audience has to determine who the murderer is.


Nina and the Upside Down Tree

by Leo Cappel

A musical for young people. 50 mins. 4 f, 4 m, and 8 wearing masks, 3 musicians (flute, harp, drum).

One question remained unanswered in Papagenina’s Flute: Why the Queen of the Night had to live in a perpetually dark forest. The children’s answer: A spiteful wizard had caused a tree to grow upside down, with the roots soaking up all the light. With help from 8 birds – each representing one of the 8 senses – ‘Nina locates the wizard and forces him to reverse the spell.  With original songs, dances and instrumental interludes.


Papagenina’s Flute

by Leo Cappel

5 Scenes, Musical for High Schools. 65 mins. 4f, 4m, & extras and 3 musicians

Inspired by Mozart’s The Magic Flute. On her 13th birthday Papageno’s daughter Papagenina is given the magic flute. After a voyage of self-discovery to her earliest ancestor Ole’pa and the Queen of the Night she conjures up her own prince.


The Star Seeker

by Leo Cappel

Two-Act, Drama. 2f, 2m, 2 either m or f.

Set on the shore of the Taieri River. A frail old yachtsman had rescued a competitor in the past. He replays this event for a young reporter on his computer sailing simulator. When a dangerous flood isolates his home, the reporter attempts to rescue him in turn and finds him serenely sailing his computer simulator.



by Leo Cappel

Three-act musical. 55 mins. 2f, 1m & 3 musicians

Joany has a crush on her boss, Robin. He does not respond. Out of frustration Joany tells Robin’s wife that they have slept together. To prove this fantasy she makes up a story about Robin’s birthmark, “in a place where it doesn’t show”. The play develops from there.