Kerrie Anne Spicer


“I have had some success  to date by writing 10 minute plays, with performances in NZ (Auckland, Whangarei, Palmerston North) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)”


Complaints Department

This play is about a group of girls working in a Complaints Department.  The year is 2015 and the country runs on a points system.  Too much complaining and you run out of points.  But what could people possibly complain about? (10 mins – 5 females/1 male)

Winner of Peoples Choice Award, Short & Sweet Auckland 2011.


Forget Me Not

This play is fundamentally about dementia and is set in a doctors office where an elderly husband and wife discover what their future holds. (10 mins – 2 females/1 male).

Finalist: PANZ 10-Minute Play Competition, 2015

First performed at Bites (Playwrights Association of New Zealand Competition Festival)Skin Theatre, The Dark Room, Palmerston North, New Zealand, September 17-19 & 24-26, 2015

Published in Stage Journeys – 10 short plays from New Zealand, 2016



This play is about a guy who needs to get to his wedding, but finds himself chained to a pole, the result of a bucks night prank.  A young lady passes by, who could be his saviour, or not?

Top 50 finalist in Short and Sweet Theatre Festival, Melbourne 2012
Top 80 finalist in Short and Sweet Theatre Festival, Sydney 2012
People’s Showcase Finalist, Short & Sweet Theatre, Sydney 2012