June Allen

June has a strong background of acting on stage, with several successful scripts to her credit – historicals and comedies – including the Norfolk Island Sound and Light Show.

86A Lynn Rd, Bayview, Auckland 0629




1 Act. 5 F, 0 M.

Set in Edwardian New Zealand in a smart tea rooms. Three ladies take tea; there is plenty of gossip as the ladies show off their beautiful costumes and big hats.  The other characters are a cheeky waitress and her hapless sister who is a pantry maid.

First production was in Te Aroha in July 2013.


An Angel Calls

1 Act. 2 F, 3 M.

45 mins.

Three people of retirement age – husband desperately keen to please; wife and her sister wish he wouldn’t. A spunky angel appears to collect one of the three. Angel is gorgeous, but awfully clumsy and confused.

First performed December 2003.

Behind the Bins

10-minute play

Street kids coping with life; they’re caught out one evening when found in a restaurant back yard. They’re surprised that others of their age group work. Is this a reasonable way to live?

First performed: Prizewinners, Oamaru Repertory Society, August 2016

2nd Prize: PANZ 10-Minute Play Competition, 2016



One Act


4 F, 5 M (plus 3 extras)

55 mins.

Adaptation of the book Beyond the Nightmare, published by Canterbury University Press. Autobiographical account of Irene Harris’s conflict in an alcoholic relationship. Several scene changes – mostly effected by lighting.
First performed October 1997.


Full length

Comedy with optional use of traditional Scottish songs.

3 F, 15 M – can be played by 2 F, 6 M actors.

80 min

Set in lower South Island – Duncan learns how to make Hokonui whisky from his grandfather – sets out with a team of friends to make a brew but encounters a heap of obstacles.

First performed in Gore, April 2006.

Sheep Ahoy!

A comedy in one act.

Cast: 3 women of any age, plus walk on part for one man.

The three women, in sheep masks, are knitting and bemoaning the fact that sheep farming has given way in many areas of NZ to dairy. To capture the world’s imagination to the great benefits of wool they decide to knit a sail for the next America’s Cup challenge, with disastrous results.

“Sheep Ahoy!” won first prize in the PANZ 2008 Comedy Section. Judge Hilary Norris commented :’a very good satirical idea … the dialogue is clever and very funny … the play has good dramatic shape’.

First performed in May 2009, where it was awarded Best Comedy at Theatre Federation District Finals

The Dentist’s Bill

10-minute comedy

It’s a very expensive business going to the dentist.

First performed at Bites (Playwrights Association of New Zealand Competition Festival)Skin Theatre, The Dark Room, Palmerston North, New Zealand, September 17-19 & 24-26, 2015, directed by Tracey-Lynne Cody

Published in Stage Journeys – 10 short plays from New Zealand, 2016


The Glasgow Arms

A play set in the goldfields era in Thames, NZ. 2 men, 4 women.
There’s drama and lighter moments, where the many and varied roles of women in the early days of NZ European settled history are depicted.

Approx 70 min in duration; The Glasgow Arms won 1st prize in PANZ 2011 competition in the special category of a play featuring a character with a disability. This character is a soldier who’d been wounded in the New Zealand Wars. He is the link of the four women whose stories are told. The title is a fictitious name for one of the many pubs of Thames around 1876. The main setting for the play is outside the front of the pub.

Contact June Allen june.all@xtra.co.nz for a reading copy and permission to perform

The Pear Tree

A one act play, about 50 min playing time.

A mystical romance, with comedic touches.

Cast of 3 women and two men.

Two women are mid 40s plus, the third women and the two men are ideally early 20s.

The main male actor must play two roles.
The time is set in the present day.

Story: a woman owning a guest house is haunted by the lover of her great-aunt. His spirit visits the modern day woman whom he has confused with the love he had as a youth.This actor also plays the boyfriend of the modern woman’s daughter.The modern young man feels strangely drawn to the guest house.

There are comedic touches added by the neighbour (female), and also the young man’s best friend who is an incorrigible flirt.
First performed by Papakura Theatre, July 2008.