Denis Edwards

Denis is a Tauranga writer, and a past president of the NZ Writers Guild. He has written for ‘Shortland Street’ and has had plays produced in theatres around New Zealand.

He is the author of nine published books, five of them for children, with one ‘Rebound’ an award-winner at the then NZ Post Children’s Book awards. Beside these he is an award-winning journalist.

—-Some Plays by Denis Edwards—-
Angelo, the Nona, and the Gallows (Full-length drama 90 mins, Cast=2(1F, 1M))
This play, shortlisted for Playmarket’s Adam Playreading, based on the true story of a young New Zealand man having a Lotto-sized slice of luck. A play for two people, an older female, and a young man, it was developed from a one-man play, ‘Angelo’s Song’, produced by the Auckland Theatre Company.
There’s No Business (One-act drama, 40 mins, Cast=3(2M, 1F)
Three people are working in a professional theatre show. One of them knows something that will have a dramatic effect on the other two. Produced in Oamaru, and given readings in Te Aroha and Takapuna’s Pumphouse.
Strange Political Luck (Full-length comedy, 90 minutes, Cast=4(3M, 1F))
This gentle comedy with some markedly ungentle elements has an unambitious New Zealand politicians startled at finding himself an ally for international terrorists, and the unwilling owner of weapons of mass destruction. Produced by Kiwi Theatre in West Auckland.
A Cleansing Fire (One-act thriller/comedy, 40 mins, Cast=3M (one speaks just one line and must be comfortable in a wheelbarrow))
Based on one of Auckland’s wilder legends this play has been produced in Palmerston North, Ellerslie’s Stables Theatre, and the South Canterbury Drama League. Combining elements of a thriller and comedy it requires on a simple set.
Jack’s Big Big Day (Full-length drama, 90 minutes, Cast=1or3M)
A World War I veteran finds journalists at the door of his house. He doesn’t want them there. It quickly turns out events from his wartime experience has followed him down the decades to haunt him. It is available as a one-man play, or with a cast of three males, and was shortlisted for the Adam Playreading, before being given development by the Auckland Theatre Company.
Liston’s Children (Full-length drama, 100 minutes, Cast=6(1F, 5M many roles to be shared))
A piece from New Zealand’s history, and centred on an uproarious sedition trial, this looks at the machinations of politics and religion, and the clashes between them. Given readings at Read Raw, Auckland and at Takapuna’s Pumphouse.
Finding the Locus (Comedy/drama, Cast=2(2F))
In this comedy two women are rehearsing a play. One slowly discovers the other has an agenda of her own, and it is going to cause trouble. Given rehearsed reading at Takapuna’s Pumphouse.
Denis Edwards can be contacted at or at 0273702099 (mob)