Brian Johnston

Brian won First Place in the PANZ One-Act Play competition 2021 with his entry Keep it in the Family. He wrote and directed a play for school children, Way of the World, performed in Te Anau in 2021.

Brian has over thirty years’ experience in both professional and amateur theatre as performer, director, choreographer, community arts practitioner and teacher.

His experience as community arts practitioner has seen him working in diverse environments including: HM Prison, Holloway, London, Sadler’s Wells Community & Education Programme and with a drug rehabilitation agency.

In recent years, Brian has focused his creative talents to playwriting.


The Bus Stop. (2021)

1 f, 2 m

Video on YouTube

Un-pc (2022)

1 f, 1, m, 1 transgendered (trans. m to f.)

Video on YouTube

Stand By Your Man (2021)

Reworking of the ‘tea’ scene, Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest.”

2 f,1 m

Video on YouTube

Keep it in the Family. (2021)

First Place winner of PANZ One-Act Play competition 2021.

Cast – 3m, 1f


Revised and further developed script of Keep it in the Family.

Cast – 3m, 1f

Way of the World (2020)

Play written for children to perform in.

Cast – 10-25

A New Georgy Girl (2021)

Cast – 1 m, 1 transgendered – m to f.

The Importance of Being Honest (2022) (Based on Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”.)

Cast – 3 m, 2 f

Wolves in Designer Clothing (2021) A reworking of the Cinderella story.

Written for young students to perform

Cast – 2 m, 1 f, I drag queen (gender neutral), 3 gender neutral + up to 10 ball guests.

No One is Alone (2021)

Written for one teenage m or f actor and an actor the play their father. The play addresses mental health issues.  

Cast 2 m (or 1 m, 1 f.)

Short Plays.

Tell it Like it is Mary-Louise Brown! (2022)

Monologue for young female actor.

Video on YouTube


Monologue for m or f teenager based on No-One is Alone.

The Counselling Session. (2022)

1, f, 1 m