Antonia Joanna Pearce


Antonia Joanna Pearce – Storyteller

Nom de plume – Joanna Jayne St John.

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Facebook – Joanna Jayne St John / People Like Us.

Phone – 21 335 636

Born in London to an actress mother the then boy developed into a singer-songwriter.

After an adventurous career including, Circumnavigating the world and 15 year’s in corporate life, I was to achieve my lifelong ambition of becoming a storyteller.

As a dyslectic I was prevented this from happening, until I became computer literate. My artistic side then blossomed, as did my development as a transgendered woman, a theme of three works detailed here. I have written 5 books and seven pieces for the stage.




My transition into the public arena began at Peter Taylors iconic Bar “Dorothy’s Sister,” the set Of People Like Us is this bar and is loosely based on my own coming out there.

BIANCA is nearly 50, is a builder. His family has yet to learn of the obsession in her feminine side. The story leads us through the coming out process as she tells her startled family that she wants to be a woman, and is becoming engaged to a transgender person.

SHEENA is mid thirties been “out” for a long -while. She has a past – shes an ex hooker. At the ball her ex pimp JAKE attempts to get her back on the game to pay a debt to him.  She just met Bianca and things are going well. Can she cheat – Just once to pay the debt?

The musical extravaganza is lead by VERA our Drag Queen MC the owner of Dots. Vera plays a key role in sorting out her patron’s problems as well as advising the audience on G.L.B.T matters.

Our journey is an emotional sine wave our lead characters go from the joys of new love, through the heartbreak and vilification of being different. They learn that freedom comes when one is true to oneself.

6 min U Tube video clip

(Since production the script has been work shopped by a talented team, with a Dramaturg advising).



CAST – 1 male 3 female. Run time – 22 minutes. Set – A bar.

What will it take for an ordinary group of people to take serious, even violent action against authority?

In a small town is a very dangerous Intersection. It causes major delays at rush hour and in the holiday season. It has been cause for friction between the Council and locals for 60 years. Nothing has been done.

The set is a local bar the cast are a Vietnam War veteran – A young Territorial Army corporal – Dot our barmaid and owner of the bar- Finally a middle aged mother. The intersection is the major topic,

The group wind each other up and decide the only way to get anything done is to blow it up and force change. The piece is funny and serious.



1 Act. Three parts – 65 minutes. Duel set, a school Drama room and a retirement village lounge. School cast 7. Retirement village cast 7.

The piece was originally staged with a high school drama class and a local Theatre Group providing the Retirement village residents. The piece highlights the evils of bullying at all ages in all societies, and its common attendant, attempted suicide.

Part 1. At the School a young talented girl is bullied to give up the lead in a play she has won. It is to be performed at local retirement villages.

Part 2. In a retirement village is a strong bullying character wants to run things. She doesn’t like the Matron and contrives to get her fired.

Our leading lady, an experienced actress finds herself running the joint production with the college. She even finds love – in a retirement village. We see her develop from a mouse like person to a strong confident one.

PART 3. The two casts join. Our bully from the village has a go at finding love but is not successful. The bullied girl from the college is picked to lead in the joint production; She also gets into a good drama school. The bully is left behind.


PREMIER JUNE 2017 Cast 7 runtime 30 minutes. Set a lounge.

Is based on the Retirement village story, Parts 2 and 3 in ROAD TO NETHERLAND. It was successfully played at several villages and library and was very well received. The piece would fit well in a show with a medley of short play.


There is a stage and radio version of this piece.

1 Act  – Cast, 5 Female 3 male. Run time 60 minutes. Set a lounge.

At a séance John’s dead wife returns from “ the other side”. We find the group of friends, the women (including our ghost) were all at Nursing School together, and they have interesting interconnected pasts. The daughter is not satisfied that her mothers death was “by misadventure” as the Coroner reported. She enrolls the services of a clever ex police inspector. Who uncovers the truth; there is a real twist for an ending.


Run time 10 minutes – One actor Monologue.

Why do some men feel the need and have the most powerful inclinations to dress in women’s clothes?

There are many forms of cross-dressing; in some men and indeed women it’s been an uncontrollable desire ever since they can remember.  In older men the need to “DRESS” often develops in later life, our story explores this avenue on the road to transformation. It is based on, but not exclusively, my own experience.

NO 7. SCREAM. THE MUSICAL. (A Work In Progress)

Two Acts. Cast – 4 male – 4 female, (2 transgendered). A band. 3sets.

Scream is a musical play highlighting the plight of people of all genders living on the streets of a city. It show’s the plight and lack of support and constant harassment of street and GLBT people.

Our lead, a streetwise 40-year-old transgendered woman is the tacit leader of a group of homeless people living under a bridge in the city. The group also has a gay couple and a strait girl. They work for each other, watching their backs, often hooking, to survive.

The council send a young handsome engineer to check out the bridge for redevelopment, He falls for Becky a young trans girl. When her quest for SRS is quashed and the group is evicted from the bridge, and her boyfriend finds out she is trans she takes her own life.

A local Publican gives the group a home which is unfit for occupation according to council regulations, they would rather have people living on the street. There is a fight with the council to change things. With the help from the publican the homeless group is eased back into society.