Alister Emerson

Alister has worked in the theatre industry nationally and internationally for more than twenty-five years, both on stage and behind the scenes. Including stints with The NZ National Academy for Singing and Dramatic Arts (NASDA) and Canberra Youth Theatre. His theatre skills include; directing, lighting design, sound and set design, dramaturgy and playwriting. He holds a Masters in Arts Theatre Practice in Directing and has taught theatre making at both University and secondary school level. Having returned to Nelson, NZ at the start of 2014by day Alister currently teaches Drama, by night he is the Artistic Director ofDuck Bunny Theatre and satirical playwright. His recent plays include The Fridge and Ed Sheeran tastes Like Chicken, play about the plight of the Maui’s and Hectors Dolphins which debuted at the Nelson Fringe Festival and was shortlisted for the PlaymarketPlays for the Young.

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ALISTER EMERSON was the winner of the PANZ Outstanding Achievement Award 2019.

Alister’s play Six Polar Bears Fell out of the Sky This Morning was performed at numerous venues internationally as part of 2019 Climate Change Theatre Action.

Set in a world where miniature Ed Sheerans live peacefully in the wild, they are threatened by greedy hunting practices of a global corporation Barracuda Industries. Follow a small band of unlikely heroes who stand up for the miniature Ed population. Ed Sheeran Tastes Like Chicken uses comedy and elements of the absurd to expose the true absurdity of the real situation facing the New Zealand Maui’s dolphins.
80-minute Comedy. Flexible cast of 20+ (7F, 6M plus 6-15 roles that can be either).
First performed at the Nelson Fringe Festival, NZ. April 2016
Shortlisted for NZ Playmarket Plays for the Young, 2017
The Fridge is a Monty Python-esque comedic re-imagining of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and pokes fun at greed and the childish notion that there is no such thing as too much.
1hr 50 minute Comedy, Flexible cast of 8-26 (Can be played by 5F, 3M with doubling or up to 15F, 9M).
First performed at The Street Theatre, Canberra, Australia. October 11-13, 2013