PANZ Play Competition 2017


PANZ Play Competition 2017

Adjudicators:  Dave Armstrong and June Allen 

Proudly sponsored by PLAYMARKET

 Enquiries and submissions to:


  1. Only members of PANZ may enter the competition. Membership is open to any person who is a long-term resident of New Zealand or is residing here for the whole of 2017. The annual membership fee is $25. To join see: or email
  2. There is no additional entry fee for the competition; your membership subscription is your entry fee.
  3. A member may submit one play in each category (see below). Each play may be individually authored or co-authored.
  4. Scripts must be suitable for performing on stage.
  5. The name of the author(s) and/or their contact details must not appear anywhere on the script.
  6. Scripts should contain the title, a list of characters and the setting but no synopsis. The dialogue should be clearly laid out and easily distinguishable from stage directions.
  7. The script must not be an adaptation of anyone else’s previously published or performed work. We advise that you check copyright if quoting previously published work.
  8. The play must not have been performed before a paying audience before 1 May 2017.
  9. Entries must be submitted by email to attaching a completed Entry Form and the script as a Word file.
  10. Entries open 01 March 2017 and close 30 April 2017.
  11. Results of both categories will be announced in July 2017.
  12. There will be two categories of entry: scripts of (A) long plays and (B) short plays.
  13. Category A (long plays): Plays must have a playing time of at least 50 minutes. There will be a Winner who will receive a cash prize of $300 plus $1,000 towards a production of their play within the next 18 months (payable once a venue and director are arranged). They will also be presented with the PANZ trophy which can be held until the next long play competition. The trophy may not be taken out of New Zealand. There will also be a Runner-up who will receive a cash prize of $200.
  14. Category B (short plays): Plays must have a playing time of between 7 and 10 minutes. There will be up to eight Finalists and, within these, First, Second and Third place winners. The First place winner will receive a cash prize of $100. The First, Second and Third place winners will be invited to a workshop later in 2017 organised by Playmarket where a professional script advisor, director and professional actors will help develop their winning plays. This will be held in Wellington or Auckland.  PANZ will promote the plays of all Finalists as a single show and is hopeful of finding at least one organisation willing to give them a public production (we were successful in 2015 and 2016). See our website ( for the latest information.
  15. In the event of a production, the director will not make alterations, additions or deletions to the Script except with the consent of the writer. For the purposes of copyright ownership, any agreed alterations, additions or deletions of any kind will be deemed to be the writer’s own work. Casting, set, sound, lighting effects and stage directions are at the discretion of the director.
  16. Once selected for performance writers may not withdraw their play from production without the permission of PANZ.
  17. All rights of each play will remain with the author.

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