KnittingBrian Turner’s one act play Knitting was presented in the Hamilton Fringe in March. Directed by Lorna Ashton of Hamilton Playbox Theatre. Billed as ‘a grotesque one act play with a variety of interpretations. It has been described as ‘absurdist Grand Guignol’. The play will be going forward to TheatreFest.

The following is a comment from a viewer:

“Well. I’m not really sure what to say. After just coming from the Meteor after seeing ‘Knitting’ (A one act grotesque play about abuse of the simple & elderly) I’m absolutely floored by the emotion such a short piece evoked. While in the theatre I felt myself wanting to cry but because of the constant onslaught I was unable to. It wasn’t until I’d left the theatre and got in my car that I broke into tears.

“An issue so close to my heart, this piece had a huge impact. The performances by the three women were executed with a precise detail and absolute conviction. You guys are to be commended on such a brilliant, thought – provoking and very real show. I take my hat off to all those involved.”

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