FALLOUT: The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior

by Bronwyn Elsmore
at the Basement Theatre, Auckland
20-30 May.
Bronwyn writes,
I’m thrilled to report that the premiere season of my play Fallout – the Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior was a wonderful success. At Basement Theatre 20-30 May, there were full houses throughout and an extra session was added.
Since I know the story means so much to so many people, I really wanted it to fulfill their expectations, especially those of the Greenpeace members who were on board the ship and were at the opening night. One wrote the next day –
“thank you so much for this wonderful play! I literally cried from the start to the finish; it was so moving, so funny, so true, so Kiwi. I may just have to come and see it again :)”
Every day there were further messages from people who saw it the night before, reinforcing the theme – how strongly NZers felt, and still do feel, about this event in our history.
HUGE thanks to a dream team of director Jennifer Ward-Lealand, a great cast (Fasitua Amosa, Luanne
Gordon, Toby Leach, Kerry Warkia), terrific designers (Sean Lynch, Paul McLaney, Jeremy Fern), and production companies The Large Group & Last Tapes Theatre Company.

Jennifer Ward-Lealand (L), Tony Forster, Bronwyn Elsmore (R) at the opening night of PANZ member Bronwyn Elsmore’s play Fallout – the Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior.

Note the reference to ‘premiere season’. Even better news – the producers are hoping to tour the show.

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