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8 plays. 8 actors. 80 minutes. “Be prepared for the unexpected.”

BITES is a showcase of eight short plays from the recent National Playwright Association of New Zealand Short Play Writing Competition. The plays cover a variety of themes but all centre on how humans behave in today’s ever changing world. With an extremely talented cast, experienced breadth of directors and professional crew, BITES guarantees to be a worthwhile evening of original and thought-provoking new theatre.

Warning: Contains some offensive language

Presented by Skin Theatre, by arrangement with The Playwrights Association of New Zealand and Massey University.

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[in alphabetical order]

Border Control by Richard Prevett, Matamata

Forget Me Not by Kerrie Anne Spicer, Hillsborough, Auckland

Hiding Behind the Teacup by Richard Bull, Waiheke Island, Auckland

Interview by Richard Harris, Whangarei

Sentimental Journey by Paula Crimmens, Mt Albert, Auckland

Surfing in Munich by Rex McGregor, Central Auckland

The Dentist’s Bill by June Allen, Bayview, Auckland

The Reunion by Tim Hambleton, Dunedin

The winners of the competition will be announced at the end of the festival.

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