10-minute comedies on both sides of the Atlantic

Rex McGregor has had several overseas productions of his 10-minute comedies.

Feline High-Rise Syndrome  Take Ten Festival 2015Between Us Productions, Roy Arias Studios, Stage II, New York, NY, April 8-10, 2015, directed by Emily Naylor

Dueling Judges  Playground: Mind GamesGhost Dog Productions, The Horse & Stables, London, March 23-24, 2015, directed by Bisera Winters

A Supportive Wife Supports Her Wife  Spring One Acts, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, New York, NY, March 18-21, 2015, directed by Ross Hewitt

A Bride for the Pope  Walking the Wire: Classified, Riverside Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa, March 6-15, 2015, directed by Jody Hovland

Feline High-Rise Syndrome  Claremorris Fringe Festival, Half a Breakfast Theatre Group, Claremorris, Ireland, March 6, 2015, directed by Richie Heneghan

Feline 1

Christopher Herr (Boot), Clare Rea (Taz), Stephen Humes (Doug), Hannah Richter (Sandra) in Feline High-Rise Syndrome, New York.

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