Fun Expected

Fun Expected

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan

Three Award-Winning Comedies from the Playwrights Association of New Zealand’s 2014 One-Act Play Competition


by Colin Beardon

Kate’s grandad is an old-style socialist who refuses to change. She wants him to get out more and tries to show him the Internet so he can look up some old friends. When that doesn’t work she recruits her friend Marco to try. They decide some deception will be required to gain the grandfather’s confidence, but when the two men get together they end up co-operating in a way Kate didn’t quite anticipate.


by Bronwyn Elsmore

Stock characters, stock settings, familiar situations, predictable dialogue. If you haven’t seen and heard it all before, you need to go to the theatre more often. Cliché is a play to be enjoyed by actors who revel in the chance to send-up the genre; and to be groaned at by audiences who have provided bums-on-seats at local theatres for too long.

Margaret Thatcher Hits New Zealand

by Rex McGregor

The 13th Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh four years ago were a disaster. 32 countries stayed away. Now in 1990 the 14th Games in Auckland look set to be a success. Nearly every eligible country is taking part. But that’s not enough for Margaret Thatcher. She wants more.

Fun Expected is available from Playmarket

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