PANZ 2013 seminar – by convenor June Allen

Before I finally put the seminar behind me, I want to express my appreciation to all those of you who gave me unqualified support during the whole process.

We had 11 people attend from as far off as Wellington.  The Te Aroha people put their hearts into supporting us and was a major factor in the success of the weekend.  And, financially we well covered our expenses.

Saturday night was a fancy dress event, some good innovative costumes,  and was great fun. 

I believe the highlight of the weekend was having the four who gave us their views on what they want in a script.  The panel was really appreciated, and what did we learn?  They want a catchy title to put on their billboards was number one!

Okay, the other Number one was comedy, set in the present day, and full length.  It was a good two hour session.

The TADS members read four of our plays on Sunday morning, and we await them on whether they will be performing any of our member’s work.

Overall, the event was a great success, being informative and enjoyed by everyone.

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